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Shia books of Hadith (Ahaadith), narrations

Hadith (Ahaadith) are narrations of Prophet Mohammed.

Shia don't rely on Sunni Hadith books (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim etc), Shia have several reasons as to why Sunni hadith books are rejected. Sunnis, have six major authentic (Sihaa Sitta) hadith books and several others to their list which are secondary on level in their collection.

For a Sunni any doubt on any hadith from those six books are an act of blasphemy. That is the reason Sunni prefix the word 'Sahih' (Authentic) to those books, among those six book (Siha Sitta); Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are two ultra-correct books next only to Holy Quran or on par.

Shia are of opinion that since hadith are narrated by a chain of narrators who are fallible people bound to make mistakes no matter even if un-intentional, therefore, no hadith could be called 100% authentic (Sahih), thus, Shia don't prefix the names of books of hadith with word 'Sahih' (Authentic), because no matter how small but there are chances of error.

One major difference between Shia collection and Sunni collection are Sunni judge the person as right or wrong, if he/she is right; what ever he/she said is authenic. Shia rather check whether his/her hadith is right or wrong, since all people are fallible except Prophet Mohammed (saw), Fatima Zahra (as) and 12 Imams (as).

Shia have another set of books which are authentic but never ever 100% authentic since the chain of narration are taken from fallible people. There are four major books of Shia Hadith which are least in error, they are called 'Kutub al Arba' (Four books).

Four Major Shia Hadith book (Kutub al Arba) are:

1) Al Kafi (The Sufficient) by Mohammed bin Yaqub Kulaini, it has 15176 narrations/ Ahaadith.

2) Man La Yahdruhu Al Faqih (I am my own Jurist) by Shaikh Saduq Mohammed bin Ali, it has 9044 narrations/ Ahaadith

3) Tahdiib Al Ahkaam (The Refinement of Laws) by Shaikh Abu Ja'far Tusi, it has 13590 narrations/ Ahaadith

4) Al Istibsaar (Foresight) by Shaikh Abu Ja'far Tusi, it has 5511 narrations/ Ahaadith

Other Shia Hadith books are:

5) Bihar Al Anwaar (Ocean of Luminescence)

6) Wasaail Ush Shia (Details for Shia)

7) Haqq Al Yaqin (Reality of Certainty)

8) Ain al Hayaat (Essence of Life)

9) Kitab Sulaym bin Qays (Book of Sulaym bin Qays)

10) Sahifa Sajjadiya (Psalms of Sajjad/ 4th Imam), it is a prayer book.

11) Nahjul Balagha (Peak of Eloquence), compiled by Sayyed Radi, the book is collections of sermons, letters and quotations of 1st Imam Ali bin Abu Talib (as)

It is a Shia Islamic belief based on several Hadith found in above mentioned books, that there are several other books which are always under possession of current Imam, these books are never in possessions of people. These books include hand written Qur'an by Imam Ali Murtada, Jafr, Jabr and Mushaf Fatima (Codex of Fatima). Apart from these books current Imam also possesses original Suhuf Ibrahim (Scrolls of Abraham), Tauraat (Torah), Zabuur (Psalms), Injeel (Gospel) and original revealed books of every prophet of past times.

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.


  1. jazakallah bhai Mashaallah bohat acha kam ho raha hy. Allah aap hazrat ko isteqamat ata farmay. free Hadith Books

  2. Asalam alaikum,
    I am sunni and in in Sunni Islam everyone is fallible except Allah swt.
    Prophets only are sinless but can make mistakes. Any one after the prophet can commit sins and make mistakes.

    6 books of hadiths (sunni) are not considered infallible but as most reliable.

    if a narrator in chain of narrators is not considered a good person, the hadith is not rejected but its authenticity is lowered.

    hope this clarifies a few things you have said above.

    I am eager to read Shia hadith books.

    1. Wa Alaykum As Salam,

      In Shia Islam, Prophets and Messengers are Masumeen (Infallibles), they cannot commit sins. In Shia Islam many people are there who are neither prophets nor messengers but are Masumeen (Infallible), Sayyeda Fatima Zahra (AS), 12 Imams (AS), Sayyeda Mariyum/ Mary (AS) all are sinless.

      What you said 'everyone is fallible except Allah in Sunni Islam', does that mean angels are fallible in Sunni Islam?

      About hadith, what you replied, I too said almost the same thing. BTW you are free and welcome to read Shia Hadith books. Allah Hafiz

    2. r8 to choose fr cant reject if u beleiver...maybe we dont understand some verse or may think, we its a harsh n nt fit with our life tht nt means we should reject this...

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  5. salam when we say only allah is infallible. it doesnt mean angels can do mistakes. because allah created angels with no free they cant do anything they want .there knowledge is only what allah has taught them.nothing from there on will.

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    1. Masha allah, good idea, hope one day will unite Shia and Sunnah.

    2. yes tht thing i wanted to say every muslim bt no one listen to me, be unite.. and sort out the prbs...munafik n hater muslim will attack us if we dont unite..

    3. Great thought may allah make it true, i m a shia and love to see everyone under one umbrella. I have no hard feeling for sunnni but yes wahabi i ....

  9. You wrote:

    "For a Sunni any doubt on any hadith from those six books are an act of blasphemy."

    This might be the case for the so-called "Salafis" (heretics), but for anyone among the Ahl us-Sunnah (following a valid legal school), this simply isn't true. Saheeh, hasan, da`eef, etc., all these categories are for chains of narration only; and regardless of a chain's grade, ahadeeth are accepted or rejected based on the particular school's founding principles. There are plenty of "saheeh" narrations rejected by us Hanafis. And even Imam Ahmad, the most hadeeth-centric of the four Sunni mujtahid imams, rejected (practiced counter to) sound narrations he himself narrated.

    Please don't portray Sunnis as being the same as Wahhabis.

  10. Why not follow quran only or be in the middle quran and hadith both say if any hadith contridic quran drop that hadith and follow quran.

    1. rahul plz dont interfere.. bt if one verse contradict tht nt means reject whole hadith...if tht hadith support quran then we should follow tht, otherwise we will reject...there is say follow the prophets life n teaching..he is nt saying frm own will, whatever he said its frm denying the wrd of messenger its we follow the quran nw n his he spent his life n advice his family to do according his wrd...

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