Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Shia Islam denies incest among Adam’s children!

Topic 37:

Shia Islam straight forward deny the myth that sons of Adam married their sisters, had incest with them and this was how the human generation progressed.

Creation myth states that because there was no other possibility for Adam (Aadam) and Eve’s (Hawwa) sons and daughters to beget next generation, God legalised marriages between brothers and sisters, this surely is incest! This above creation myth is also a faith in Sunni Islam and other Abrahamic religions as well; surely, these myths entered Sunni Islam from Hebrew sources. This belief of Sunni Islam that sons of Adam married their own sisters to reproduce the next human generation stands denied in Shia Islam.

Shia Islam is based on preaching of infallibles; the Prophet Mohammed and 12 Imams (Aimmah), who take knowledge directly from All Comprehending (Al Aalim) God (Allah), thus necessity to manufacture myths when no solutions are found, like in this case, doesn’t arise.

Shia Islam became a complete religion by the announcement of Prophet Mohammed, he gave us Holy Qur’an as a divine guide for humanity, and he also left a series of divinely appointed interpreters of this divine guidance, the series of 12 Imams (Aimmah) of Shia Islam. Sunni Islam lacks this divinely appointed series of 12 Imams (Aimmah) and thus doors of interpretations are open for worldly appointed so called scholars, who either put their own understandings or borrow from Hebrew sources. Incest of sons of Adam with their sisters to beget next human generation is perfect example of it.

12 Imams (Aimmah) of Shia Islam have clearly rejected any such notion. Most famous instance is when 6th Shia Imam Ja’far Sadiq was asked about it, he was asked that, did the sons of Adam married their sisters, which is core belief of Sunni Islam, the only precaution was that the sister should not be twin of her brother? To this 6th Shia Imam Ja’far Sadiq reacted sternly and said that, do people consider Omnipotent (Qaadir) Creator (Khaaliq) to be so cheap that He would ever allow a brother to marry his sister? He denied, because this belief was based on incest. Incest is Haraam (Forbidden) in Shia Islam, and to attribute incest with God’s (Allah) approval is disgusting.

To commit incest with one’s mother, even step mother is equally disgusting as committing incest with one’s sister, even a step sister. Thus, for those who put and believe this myth how could they say there was no other woman available? This is a big question which must be answered before believing any myth. Another question is whether initially was there any woman available for Adam to make children with? No, yet, God (Allah) made Eve (Hawwa) for Adam, with whom he can make babies. Now later on, how can this Omnipotent (Qaadir) Creator (Khaaliq) become so powerless to allow incest for children of Adam?

Prophet Mohammed and 12 Shia Imams (Aimmah) have preached that God (Allah) created Adam (Aadam) and for him Eve (Hawwa) was created, just like that, God (Allah) created spouses for children of Adam to marry with and to reproduce with. Incest is a grievous sin in Shia Islam, thus, how can a sin ever had been a necessity? God (Allah) dislikes incest now, why did He who is Omnipotent (Qaadir) Creator (Khaaliq) left no other option for human and allowed what he dislikes now?

Shia Islam preaches Adam was first prophet of God, thus according to Shia Islam he was infallible, Adam’s famous son Seth (Shiis) was also a prophet of God and thus infallible, thus to opine that prophet of God can commit such things as incest is absurd from Shia Islamic view. Adam’s race was to have prophets of God, including Prophet Mohammed and 12 Imams (Aimmah), how can such a race ever have incest as its source? Thus Shia Islam is in complete denial of such beliefs.

An instance in front of Muslims is that holy lady Mary (Marium), she became mother without the agency of a father, although, there at that time were a lot of men who could have fathered Jesus Christ (Isa Masih), yet Mary (Marium) became mother without any father for her child, this immaculate conception was power of Omnipotent (Qaadir) Creator (Khaliq) when even dire need was not there, how could He become so powerless at times of children of Adam? Mary (Marium) was an infallible lady and according to Shia Islam only an infallible man can become her husband, no such man was there who could marry her, thus, God (Allah) made her a mother through Immaculate Conception. This same God (Allah) who made Mary (Marium) a mother without the agency of a father, the same God (Allah) who had made Eve (Hawwa) for Adam, the same God (Allah) who had made Adam out of earth was capable to make spouses for children of Adam, this is the belief of Shia Islam. This belief is also one of such beliefs which differentiates Shia Islam from Sunni Islam.

To conclude, Shia Islam denies incest among Adam’s children to make babies, while Sunni Islam believes that the sons of Adam married their own sister and made babies with them.

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.