Wednesday, 23 October 2013

24 Dhul Hajja, Eid Mubahila in Shia Islam

Shia Muslims around the World celebrate 24th Dhul Hajja day of Islamic calender as Eid Mubahila (Festival of Imprecation). Following event had taken place, to commemorate the event celebration are made.

Mubahila (Imprecation) is an event around the end of ninth year of Prophet Mohammed's migration to Madina. Prophet Mohammed sent his official letters of office of prophet hood to the tribes around. One such letter was sent to Bishop of Najran, Yemen; it concluded either in the invitation to Islam or grant to exercise religious freedom under Islamic government.

The Bishop sent 14 members as his representatives to Madina, to discuss the issue with Prophet Mohammed, the deputation was headed by Abdul Masih Aaquib, Abdul Haris inb Alqama and Saiyed. They discussed the issue with Prophet Mohammed; who invited them to Islam, as truthful messenger from same God, who had sent Jesus Christ aforetime for guidance, in case they dont accept Islam they have to accept the conditions to exercise of religious freedom in accordance with Islamic rules (payment of Jizya).

They began to inquire from Prophet Mohammed about his stand on Jesus Christ, what Islam says about Jesus Christ. They were not convinced with the reply that Jesus Christ is not the son of God rather is messenger and prophet of God. As counter question, the representatives put question about who the father of Jesus Christ was? Since they too knew Islam believes in virgin and miraculous conception of Mary. They put this question deliberately to get reply 'no one', so they can conclude that if no one fathered Jesus Christ, it implied that he was son of God. 

God revealed the following verses of Holy Qur'an as a reply for them, which would put stop to their counter questions:

[Holy Quran 3:59] Inna ma'sala Isa ind Allah kama'sali Aadama khalqahu min turabinn summa qala lahu kun fayakun

(Indeed, the example of Jesus with Allah is like that of Adam. He created him from dust; then He said to him, "Be," and he became).

[Holy Qu'ran 3:60] Alhaqqu min Rabbika fala takun min almumtarin

(The truth is from your Lord, so do not be among the doubters).

Thus, this bought an end to their counter questions, they wanted to imply that since Jesus Christ had no father he should be taken as son of God. God replied in eyes of God, Jesus Christ was in likeness of Adam. If they go by their beliefs then Adam had greater right to be son of God since he had neihter father nor mother.This too could not convince them. 

Lately, the following verse was revealed upon Prophet Mohammed as last option possible:

[Holy Qur'an 3:61] Faman haajjaka fihi mim ba'di majaa'aka min alilmi faqul ta'aalu nadu abna'ana wa abna'akum wa nisa'ana wa nisa'akum wa anfusana wa anfusakum summa nabtahil fanajal la'anat Allahi ala alkazibin,

[Then whoever ie: Christians of Najran, Yemen; argues with you (Prophet Mohammed) about it (divinity of Jesus Christ) after knowledge (of Absolute Monotheism) has come to you - say, "Come, let us call our sons (Imam Hasan and Imam Husain) and your sons, our women (Fatima Zahra) and your women, ourselves ( Prophet Mohammed and Imam Ali) and yourselves, then supplicate earnestly [together] and invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars (among us)]."

They, were asked to assemble with their sons, women and selves and curse each other and if Prophet Mohammed would be a liar, their curse would fall on him and vice-versa. Note, herein Prophet Mohammed had an option to take more then one woman, and another person who would be like him. He took just his daughter and cousin although there was an option but with eligibility 'free from lie'. It implies that no one was equivalent to his self except Imam Ali though other also had desires to be taken along with, also no other woman was competent enough except Fatima Zahra. 

Once, the Christian deputation accepted the imprecation contest, Salman Farsi, a faithful companion of Prophet Mohammed was asked to make arrangement and a podium.

On 24th Dhul Hajja 9 Hijra, Prophet Mohammed bought them (the aforesaid persons), the Christian deputations was awestruck and spellbound to see the illuminating personalities. They became sure enough that if these people utter curses against them they would perish away.Abdul Haris ibn Alqama exclaimed: "Verily I see a divine light on the faces of our combatants; I am beholding such faces among them as can make the mountains move from their spots if they pray to God. So beware! Never try to contest with them, otherwise you will perish and the entire Christendom will succumb to extinction!" Later, they signed a treaty to live as Christians and exercise religious freedom within Islamic government in return for Islamic tax 'Jizya'.

Prior to the event, it was here, when Prophet Mohammed was proceeding towards the podium with Imam Ali, Imam Hasan, Imam Husain and Fatima Zahra; that Muslims were also spellbound with divine luminescence on Prophed Mohammed and his family members, Muslims were not used to this luminescence prior to this event. And thus when asked about it, Prophet Mohammed is reported to have declared:

Awwalena Mohammed wa ausatena Mohammed wa aakharena Mohammed was kulluna Mohammed

(The first among us is Mohammed, the middle one among us is Mohammed, the last among us is Mohammed, all among us are Mohammed).

Thus, Shia Muslims celebrate this day of this great event as Eid (Festival), sweet dishes are prepared, greetings are exchanged, special supplication are recited.
Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.