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Shia view: Mohammed, a Prophet by birth

Shia Muslims believe Mohammed is Prophet and Messenger of God like any other Muslim believes, but still there is great difference between this belief of Shia and other Muslims.

Shia believe Prophet Mohammed was a Prophet even when he was born. Rather Shia Muslims believe Prophet Mohammed was Prophet even before creation, when God had created just his 'Noor' (Celestial Luminescence). 

This is what differentiate Shia belief from other's belief. Since, Most Sunni (Ahlul Sunna) believe Prophet Mohammed was gifted with prophet-hood and messenger-ship at age of forty, in the cave of Hira. Shia deny any such ideas.

Shia collection of hadith (anthology) declare Prophet Mohammed as first creation of God that too as a Prophet and Messenger, even before any other creation existed. Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said:
Among all the creations of God, my 'Noor' (Celestial Luminescene) was first to be created. 
Shia hadith also report Prophet Mohammed to have said:
Adam was still midst water and mud while I was Prophet.
So called Muslim scholars (ignorant) of other sects had always accused Shia of blasphemy to degrade Shiadom in eyes of layman Muslims that Shia Muslims believe that prophet-hood had came for Ali but Archangel Gabriel got confused between Mohammed and Ali, and thinking Mohammed was Ali conferred prophet-hood on Mohammed instead of Ali. For Shia this is just a lie.

Shia consider Angels to be free from error (immaculate) thus no reason left for Gabriel to have made an error. Secondly, Shia never believe prophet-hood could be conferred upon because Shia belief states that prophets are created as prophets, they are prophet even when they are born.

Ahlul-Sunna have been questioning Shia that if Prophet Mohammed was born prophet what happened at cave of Hira? Didn't Prophet got scared from Gabriel? And various other funny questions.

Shia believe Prophet Mohammed never got scared from Archangel Gabriel. Shia believe Prophet Mohammed never got idea of prophecy being conferred on him from Waraqa son of Naufil as Sunnis claim. Shia state Prophet Mohammed always knew he was Prophet, even before any other creation existed.

So what happened at Hira, a big question? Shia belief states that Prophet Mohammed was awaiting the Divine command of God to declare his prophet-hood. Archangel Gabriel bought the command of God to Prophet Mohammed that: O Prophet Mohammed time has come for you to declare your prophet-hood and messenger-ship. Prophet Mohammed happily received the command which he too was desperately waiting for and thenceforth declared that: He is a Prophet.

A very interesting inquiry which should be made from Sunnis is since all Muslim believe Prophet Mohammed is superior to all humans, if this is believed and he became prophet at age of 40 years is also believed, can Sunnis answer Shia that what was status of Prophet Mohammed from his birth up to age of 40? If he was not a prophet he must have been an Ummati (follower) of previous prophet, in that case how can a follower of previous prophet be superior to all human including that previous prophet? 

How funny it is to believe that he was under command (an Ummati) of the previous prophet and thus lower in status of that previous prophet (Ummati is lower in status than his prophet) and all of sudden at age of 40 became a prophet himself and got raised to highest status even higher that the status of the previous prophet who had been higher than him since last 39 years. Thus, Shia beliefs are precise, accurate and free from such errors.

Shia also deny that Qur'an was revealed slowly slowly on Prophet Mohammed for 23 long years, we believe whole Qur'an was revealed on Prophet Mohammed all at once in cave Hira, it was 23rd night of Ramadan 13 BH/ 611 AD which is called 'Lailatul Qadr' the night of power.

Obvious question which Sunni people ask Shia as counter question is: then why Gabriel continued to come to Prophet for 23 years? Well, Qur'an was revealed all at once, but which verse was to be declared when was still kept under Divine order. God ordered Prophet Mohammed through Gabriel which verse was to be declared when and where this process continued for long 23 years.

To summarize Shia belief on Prophet Mohammed:
1) Prophet Mohammed is first creation of God, his 'Noor' (Celestial Luminescene) was first creation of God, he was made a prophet.
2) Prophet Mohammed never became a prophet at age of forty but had always been a prophet.
3) Prophet Mohammed never got scared from Archangel Gabriel.
4) Whole Qur'an was all at once revealed upon Prophet Mohammed on 23rd Ramadan 13 BH (611 AD) in cave of Hira.
5) Which verse was to be declared when and where was the reason why Gabriel continued to come to Prophet Mohammed on Divine orders for long 23 years.

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O Allah! Peace and Salutations be upon Mohammed and Family of Mohammed.


  1. Beautifully summarized. Jazikum Allah khair.


  3. Shia the fountain of knowledge

  4. Shia the fountain of knowledge

    1. your name and picture doesnt sound closer to any other Islam, If i may ask are u one of the pests infiltrating our religion, go back to the caves of Africa and leave our religion alone

    2. Don't listen to him. Islam is a religion that respects people of all nationalities. And look who's talking; your name is after a cartoon character?

  5. You're reading too much shia books. Read the holy Qur'an.

    1. you think everybody can understand Quran without explanation of ahlu beyt? if your answer is yes then you are wrong.we all need tafssir

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  7. If Shia's are so accurate believers then why they abuse Aish (RA) the wife of Prophet and Omer the friend of Prophet?