Friday, 27 July 2018

Evils and Vices according to Shia Islam

Topic 47:

This list is just a brief overlook and a brief list. Referring Holy Qur’an, authentic books and scholarly articles for any further information is hereby proposed. Evils/Vices are not arranged in manner of their decreasing magnitudes.

  1. Polytheism (associating partners with One True God) 
  2. Idolatry (worshiping idols and images) 
  3. Manufacturing idols to be sold for idolatry 
  4. Witchcrafts, Magic etc (though these subject are bogus, their practice is still evil and vice) 
  5. Astrology, Palmistry etc (though these subject are bogus, their practice is still evil and vice) 
  6. Disclosing one’s sins, evils and vices to others (Aimmah or Imams are reported to have said: never disclose your bad deeds to others, keep it between yourself and God) 
  7. Terrorism (in modern era, Terrorism is being practiced in the name of Jihad, in Shia Islam Jihad currently stands suspended, and thus it is forbidden for Shia Muslims to engage in pseudo jihad) 
  8. Genocide 
  9. Murder 
  10. Suicide 
  11. Female Infanticide 
  12. Theft 
  13. Human Trafficking 
  14. Kidnapping 
  15. Usurpation 
  16. Rape 
  17. Molestation 
  18. Paedophilia (sexual activities with children)
  19. Necrophilia (sexual activities with dead) 
  20. Bribery 
  21. Cheating 
  22. Blackmailing 
  23. Cruelty 
  24. Abortion (unless it causes severe danger to woman, get more details from scholarly pages, by the way Shia Islam allows use of contraceptives) 
  25. Deserting Wives, Children, Parents, Grandparents etc 
  26. Incest 
  27. Prostitution 
  28. Adultery 
  29. Fornication (unmarried person having sexual intercourse, by the way Shia Islam allows temporary marriage) 
  30. Homosexuality 
  31. Sex-change surgeries 
  32. Polygyny (having more than one husband at a time) 
  33. Nudity 
  34. Illiteracy 
  35. Alcoholism 
  36. Manufacturing Alcohol 
  37. Drug Addiction 
  38. Gambling 
  39. Lie 
  40. Begging 
  41. Cremation etc (any mode except burial or sea burial when required) 
  42. Permanent Sterilization 
  43. Adoption (such where adopted child becomes legal heir or replaces biological father's name, however, Shia Islam promotes guardianship of such child)
  44. Replacing biological father's name with someone else's name (using husband's name is different and valid issue)
  45. Uncleanliness 
  46. Anti-prophylaxis Attitude (ie: some people are against Polio Vaccines, Shia Islam promotes vaccinations against diseases and rejects stupid attitudes) 
  47. Maintaining close proximity with unrelated person of opposite sex 
  48. Extravagance 
  49. Using gold or silver crockery 
  50. Men wearing gold or silk 
  51. Being Miser 
  52. Neglecting neighborly or friendly needs (although being capable) 
  53. Keeping inhospitable attitude towards guests 
  54. Back-Biting 
  55. Breaching Trust 
  56. Slangs 
  57. Greed 
  58. Gluttony 
  59. Being sloth 
  60. Jealousy 
  61. Intact Foreskin 
  62. Menstrual Sexual Intercourse 
  63. Post-Partum Sexual Intercourse 
  64. Masturbation (it is a lesser vice if compared to adultery etc, Shia Islam allows temporary marriage. Aimmah (Imams) are reported to have said: if you are must to choose between two evils then choose the lesser evil)
  65. Replacing biological father's name
  66. Celibacy 
  67. Shaving beard and moustache using razor blades (however trimming is allowed even to stubble size)
  68. Hunting for fun or sports 
  69. Hardcore Non-vegetarianism 
  70. Eating un-hooved animals 
  71. Eating blood, spleen, testicles, penis etc (refer to reliable scholarly works) 
  72. Eating Pigs 
  73. Eating Birds which have talons 
  74. Eating fishes which do not have scales 
  75. Eating naturally dead meat 
  76. Eating meat offered to idols 
  77. Eating meat other than Halal or Kosher 
  78. Slaughtering pregnant animals 
  79. Slaughtering animals who have young babies 
  80. Keeping Dog or Pig inside home 
  81. Domesticating Pigs 

O Allah! Salutations be upon Prophet Mohammed and upon Family of Prophet Mohammed.