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Required recitations for Prayers/ Salah/ Namaz in Shia Islam

Main Topic: How to perform Salah/ Namaz/ prayers as per Shia Islam

Holy Qur’an, Surah 01, Al Faatiha (Chapter 01, The Opening Chapter):  

The Chapter is reffered to as 'Sabta Masani (Often repeated)'  elsewhere in Holy Qur'an, recitation of this chapter is required in the first two cycle/rakaah during Prayers/ Salaah/ Namaz.

1) Bism Illah Ir Rahmaan Ir Rahiim
(In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful)
2) Al Hamdu Lillahi Rabb Il Aalamiin
(Blessed is God the Lord of universe)
3) Ar Rahmaan Ir Rahiim
(The Gracious the Merciful)
4) Maaliki Yaum Id Diin
(King of the day of religion)
5) Iyyaaka Na’budu Wa Iyyaaka Nastaiin
(We worship you and we seek you for help)
6) Ihdin As Siraat Al Mustaqiim
(Keep us on straight path)
7) Siraat Allazina An’amta Alayhim Ghair Il Maghdubi Alayhim Wa La Addaallin
(Path of those who were granted awards not of those who earned your anger and niether of mislead)


Holy Qur’an, Surah 97, Al Qadr (Chapter 97, The Authority): 

This chapter 'Al Qadr (The Authority)' talks about The Night of Authority which is 23rd night of the month of Ramadan according to Shia Islam, it was this night in which Whole of Holy Qur'an was revealed upon Prophet Mohammed in the cave of Hira, for more on this as per Shia Islamic view 'click here'. 

0) Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim
(In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful)
1) Inna Anzalna Hu Fii Laylat Il Qadr
(Surely, We revealed it in the Night of Authority)
2) Wa Maa Adraaka Maa Laylat Ul Qadr
(And what to explain, what the Night of Authority is!)
3) Laylat Ul Qadri Khairu Min Alfi Shahr
(Night of Authority is better than a thousand months)
4) Tanazzul Ul Malaaikatu Wa Ruhu Fiha Bi Izni Rabbihim Min Kulli Amr
(In it descends the angels and the Spirit with permission of Lord, for all affairs)
5) Salaamun Hiya Hatta Matlayi Il Fajr
(In it is Peace till the dawn)


Holy Qur’an, Surah 108, Al Kausar (Chapter 108, The Abundance):

Basic meaning of Arabic word 'Kausar' is abundance. Sons of Prophet Mohammed died in infancy and pagans started to taunt Prophet Mohammed as barren (childless), thus, with his death Islam would also end. God gave glad tidings to Prophet Mohammed about the birth of pious daughter Fatima Zahra and referred to her as 'Kausar' to signify that her progeny would abundantly multiply and family of Prophet Mohammed along with Islam will continue, it will be the taunters who would die childless.
Nahr, in the second verse refer to 'Rafa Yadain (Raising Hands)' whenever Greatness of God is declared in prayers by saying 'Allahu Akbar'. Another meaning of this word is sacrifice of camel, which is slaughtered in a different manner.

0) Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim
(In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful)
1) Inna Aa’tainaak Al Kausar
(Surely, We have granted you the Kausar)
2) Fasalli Lirabbika Wa Nahr
(So, pray to your Lord and do Nahr)
3) Inna Shaani’aka Huw Al Abtar
(Surely, your enemy is he who is barren)


Holy Qur’an, Surah 112, Al Ikhlaas/ Tauhiid (Chapter 112, the Purity/ Absolute Monotheism):

0) Bismillah Ir Rahmaan Ir Rahiim

(In the name of God the Gracious the Merciful)
1) Qul Hu Allahu Ahad
(Say: He the God is One)
2) Allah Hus Samad
(God is absolutely Independent)
3) Lam Yalid Wa Lam Yulad
(Neither begets nor is begotten)
4) Wa Lam Yakun Lahu Kufuwan Ahad
(And none is equal to this One) 


Preferable Qunut (Supplication):

Rabbana! Aatina Fid Duniya Hasanatau Wa Fil Aakhirati Hasanatau Wa Kina Azaab An Naar 
(My Lord! Grant me good in this world and good in the end and safeguard me from torment of fire)


Tashahud/ Declaration of Faith:

Ash’hadu An Laa Ilaaha Il Allahu Wa Ahdahu Laa Sharika Lahu, Wa Ash’hadu Anna Mohammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluh
(I testify that none is deity except God and He is One and has no partners, and I testify that Mohammed is His servant and Messenger)

Third Tashahud/ Declaration of Faith required by many but not all Shia Muslims:

Wa Ash’hadu Anna Amir Ul Momineena Aliyun Wali Allah 
(And I testify that the Commander of faithful Ali is viceroy of God)


Taslim/ Salaam/ Salutations:

Assalaamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyyu Wa Rahmat Ullahi Wa Barkaat Hu, Assalaamu Alaina Wa Ala Ibaad Illahis Soaalihiin, Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmat Ullahi Wa Barkaat 
(O Prophet! God’s peace, blessing and grace be upon you, God’s peace be upon us, and upon those who perform prayers and upon pious servants of God, God's peace blessing and grace be upon you/ believers)


Tasbihaat Al Arba/ Four Praises:

Subhaan Allahi wa Alhamdu Lillahi wa Laa ilaaha il Allahu wa Allahu Akbar
(Glory be to God and Praises be to God and none is deity except God and God is Great)

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.

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