Friday, 13 June 2014

15th Sha'ban in Shia Islam

15th Sha’ban is an auspicious day in Shia Islam, as the last and current of the twelve Imams (Aimmah); Imam Mohammed Mahdi was born. Imam Mohammed Mahdi was born on 15th Sha’ban 255 AH (869 AD) in the city of Samarra, present day Iraq.
Imam Mohammed Mahdi was born to Lady Nargis the wife of eleventh Imam Hasan Askari. Lady Nargis was a Byzantine princess. Birth of twelfth Imam Mohammed Mahdi fulfilled the prophecy of Prophet Mohammed that after him there will be twelve deputies for him. Imam Mohammed Mahdi is the ninth generation of third Imam Husain. Prophet Mohammed also prophesised occultation and re-appearance of twelfth Imam before Resurrection as promised Messiah.
Imam Mohammed Mahdi’s father Imam Hasan Askari was under house arrest as the caliphate considered them as a threat; lately they martyred the eleventh Imam. Imam Mohammed Mahdi was born under arrested life of his holy father, and all mean while was kept hidden from general public and his identity too was kept hidden from caliphate, since it was dangerous for his life. Only a handful of loyal persons had the knowledge for the same.
After the martyrdom of eleventh Imam Hasan Askari, Imam Mohammed Mahdi assumed the office of Imamat at age of five years; he appeared to general public to lead the funeral prayers of his holy father. Thereafter under the divine order underwent occultation, hidden from public although not dead.
For near century his occultation was minor, an agency of his deputies maintained a link between him and public through letters and orders. Before the death of fourth and last deputy, it was announced by Imam Mohammed Mahdi through his deputy that there will be no more deputies, and his major occultation will begin.
Imam Mohammed Mahdi declared he will re-appear to establish faith and justice at the end times as promised Messiah by the divine order. 15th Sha’ban is thus a day of celebrations for Shia Muslims all around the world to mark his auspicious birthday.
Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.