Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Eid Zahra (as), 9th Rabiul Awwal

Shia commemorate the tragedy of Karbala through mourning every year, this period comprises of 2 month and 8 days. Mourning starts with Islamic new year and continues up to 8th day of 3rd month Rabiul Awwal. With 8th Rabiul Awwal Mourning comes to end and 9th day of Rabiul Awwal is celebrated as Eid Zahra.

After the tragedy of Karbala long years passed by and remaining members of Prophet Mohammed's family remained grief striken. It was Mukhtar son of Abu Obaid Thaqafi the famous companion of Prophet Mohammed; who avenged the innocent genocide of Prophet Mohammed's progeny.

He captured the tyrants of Yazidi army who mercilessly murdered family members of Prophet Mohammed in Karbala. Among top names of these captured tyrants were Umar son of Sa'ad, Shimr son of Dhul Jaushan, Hurmula son of Kahil, Sunan son of Anas, Obaidullah (Ibn Marjana) son of Ziyad, Khuli son of Ashbayi, Hakim son of Tufail etc. Mukhtar ordered their execution and sent the heads as was the then custom, of these criminals to Imam Ali Sajjad Zainul Abideen son of Imam Husain who was mercilessly martyred in Karbala.

Since, tragedy of Karbala Imam Ali Sajjad was never seen smiling he perpetually wept remembering his martyred family, even when he returned from prison back to Madina he never gave up weeping. When Imam Ali Sajjad received these heads of criminals on 9th Rabiul Awwal, people around him for the first time after the tragedy of Karbala saw him smiling. Thus, Shia celebrate this day as Eid and end the mourning period.

Zainab sister of Imam Husain also smiled when she too saw the heads, this too marked 9th Rabiul Awwal as day of Eid ( celebrations). Mukhtar wrote a letter to Imam Ali Sajjad along with heads to please accept a little service from him. Imam Ali Sajjad gave thanks to God and prayed in favour of Mukhtar. It was 9th year after the tragedy of Karbala.

Huzaifa Yamani the famous companion of Prophet Mohammed had reported long back that Prophet Mohammed himself had celebrated 9th Rabiul Awwal in his home by arranging a feast. Prophet Mohammed during the feast had declared that it would be this day 9th Rabiul Awwal that oppressors who would trouble my progeny would be sent to hell.

Another reason for celebration of 9th Rabiul Awwal is the current, last and 12th Imam Mohammed Mahdi assumed office of Imamat on this very day. 11th Imam Hasan Askari was martyred through poison in prison on orders of Caliph Mo'tamid Billah on 8th Rabiul Awwal thus on 9th Rabiul Awwal 12th Imam Mohammed Mahdi assumed his office of Imamat which continues to this day, its been about 1200 years. 12th Imam Mohammed Mahdi soon underwent occultation after funeral prayers of his father and continues to be in state of occultation. He would return in End time to fill the earth with justice along with Jesus Christ who too would descend.

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.

It's 9th Rabiul Awwal 1434 (22 Jan 2013) Happy Eid Zahra!

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