Monday, 18 February 2013

Prophet Mohammed's life and family details

Name: Mohammed and Ahmed 

Epithet: Abul Qasim

17th Rabiul Awwal 54 BH (Friday, 9th May 570 AD) 

Birthplace: Makka, Hijaz ( Present day Saudi Arabia)

Father: Abdullah  (Died 3 months before Prophet Mohammed's birth)

Paternal Grandfather: Abdul Mutallib (Shaiba) son of Hashim

Paternal Grandmother: Fatima daughter of Amr

Mother: Amina (Died when Prophet Mohammed was 6 yrs old)

Maternal Grandfather: Wahhab son of Abdul Munaf

Maternal Grandmother: Barra daughter of Abdul Uzza

Foster Mother: Halima Sa’adia daughter of Abu Zoeb

Legal Guardian ( Paternal Uncle): Abu Talib son of Abdul Mutallib

Wives who bore children:

1. Khadija daughter of Khuwalid (Prophet Mohammed was 25 yrs old and she was 28 yrs old when they married)

2. Maria Coptic daughter of Shamoon (Simon)


1. Qasim (died in infancy) son from Khadija 

2. Tayyab (died in infancy) son from Khadija 

3. Tahir (died in infancy) son from Khadija 

4. Ibrahim (died in infancy) son from Maria 

Daughter: Fatima daughter from Khadija 

Son in Law: Ali son of Abu Talib 

Adopted sons:

1. Ali son of Abu Talib

2. Zaid son of Harith

Adopted Daughters:

1. Zainab daughter of Hala (Sister in law, Hala was Khadija's sister)

2. Ruqaiyya daughter of Hala 

3. Umme Kulthum daughter of Hala


1. Hasan son of Ali

2. Husain son of Ali

3. Mohsin son of Ali (Miscarried)


1. Zainab daughter of Ali

2. Umme Kulthum daughter of Ali

Passing date: 28th Safar 11 AH 
(Saturday, 23rd May 632 AD) 

Death reason: Poisoned by Zainab daughter of Harith

Burried: Madina, Hijaz ( Present day Saudi Arabia)

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.

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