Saturday, 13 April 2013

Martyrdom of Fatima Zahra; Prophet’s daughter!

Prophet Mohammed’s daughter Fatima Zahra was murdered in just ninety days after Prophet Mohammed was martyred with slow poison. Fatima Zahra, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed was in her prime youth when hardship befell her. She was mercilessly assaulted, her ribs got fractured; she miscarried her baby boy ‘Mohsin’.

Prophet Mohammed had already prophesied to Fatima Zahra that she would meet him as earliest, once he leaves this world. The prophecy came true Prophet Mohammed secluded from this world on 28th Safar 11 AH due to slow poison and just ninety days later on 3rd Jamad Al Aakhir 11 AH his beloved and only daughter was mercilessly assaulted causing her grievous injuries, fracturing her ribs and miscarriage of her baby boy ‘Mohsin’, which led to her martyrdom.

After Prophet Mohammed, his cousin and son in law’s right as declared by him at event of Ghadeer as his legal heir were nullified, and Abu Bakr was made first caliph at a private meeting at Saqifa. Numerous pious companions of Prophet Mohammed; namely, Salman, Abu Darr, Bilal, Miqdaad, Huzaifa, Ammar, Abu Ayyub, Jabir etc staunchly opposed the selection of Abu Bakr and supported Ali’s claim. Some others like Zubair and Abu Sufyan were also seen supporting Ali’s claim to caliphate.

Ali himself declared that caliphate was his legal right and was bestowed on him by none other than Prophet Mohammed himself at event of Ghadeer. Family members of Prophet Mohammed and whole Clan of Hashmite including Abbas, Abdullah etc opposed the Abu Bakr’s selection. Fatima Zahra, daughter of Prophet Mohammed, rarely seen interfering in social matter openly and staunchly opposed Abu Bakr’s selection, she supported the claim of her husband ‘Ali’, as per orders of her father Prophet Mohammed.

Also, when Abu Bakr became caliph he ordered date gardens of Khaybar and Fidak to be snatched away from Fatima Zahra, citing a reason that he had heard from Prophet Mohammed that prophets don’t leave legacy, all they leave is charity. Fatima Zahra along with her husband Ali demanded the return of Fidak and Khaybar’s property back to her, as Prophet Mohammed himself had given it to her as a gift during Prophet Mohammed’s very own lifetime. Ali himself rejected the hearsay of Abu Bakr by citing the verses of Holy Qur’an which itself declared that both Prophet Zakaria and Prophet Dawood (David) had left legacy after them for their heirs. Abu Bakr on advices of Umar Khattab remained adamant and rejected the demand.

Fatima Zahra openly declared her anger and displeasure for Abu Bakr due to his snatching away of her legal property. Fatima Zahra also reminded the famous declaration of Prophet Mohammed, “he who angers Fatima does actually angers me”. Fatima Zahra openly declared her anger on Abu Bakr in front of numerous people, she also declared she will remain angry and displeased with Abu Bakr till her very last moment.

As Ali’s claim to caliphate along with impetus from event of Fidak and Khaybar gardens were gathering momentum Abu Bakr’s coup feared civil war. Thus, to consolidate their position they sent embassies of various people to Ali’s house to acquire allegiance in their favour from him. Ali rejected all those embassies. Ali’s supporters (later known as Shia) were having a meet at Ali’s house, when Abu Bakr’s men arrived they claimed Ali’s house as centre point of possible rivalry, they warned against any such gatherings.

Gathering continued, Abu Bakr’s council feared their rule would face serious problems if the events continued in Ali’s house. Their men gathered at Ali’s house with torches in their hands and demanded either Ali’s allegiance in their favour or his arrest. Umar Khattab, Khalid bin Walid, Umar’s slave: Qunfud and some others were reported to be present. Fatima Zahra denied permission to enter her house and also asked them to leave instantly. Hot argument between Fatima Zahra and them were exchanged, she was warned about dire consequences of putting her house on fire.

As events climaxed her door was finally put on fire, and was pushed so forcefully that Fatima got serious injuries as she was just behind
the door. Her ribs were fractured; she was grievously injured and miscarried her baby boy ‘Mohsin’. She later succumbed to her injuries and passed away on 3rd Jamad Al Akhir 11 AH just ninety day after Prophet Mohammed, hers was age of prime youth.

In her will to Ali, she asked him for her secret burial. She also asked none of those who injured and angered her be allowed to take part in funeral, her funeral be undertaken at night. Ali compiled with her wishes. Only few selected men namely, Salman, Abu Darr etc along with her sons Hasan and Husain took part in funeral. Several dummy graves were also made to keep her grave as secret as possible.

Her grave lies in graveyard of Jannatul Baqi in Madina. Her orphans included Hasan, Husain, Zainab and Umm Kulthum, grand-childrens of Prophet Mohammed, who were later assaulted and mercilessly murdered in event of Karbala after fifty years. The saddest part is that these criminals were so called muslims, actually hypocrites!

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.


  1. lanat.lanat. lanat. to all how was against ali s.a and fatamatuz zahra s.a .

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