Thursday, 2 August 2018

Good and Virtues according to Shia Islam

Topic 48:

This list is just a brief overlook and a brief list.

  1. Monotheism, worship One True God without any form of idolatry
  2. Loving Islamic personalities, specially Prophet Mohammed and His Family
  3. Contemplation, on various issues, subjects and sciences
  4. Truth
  5. Education acquisition and promotion
  6. Prudence
  7. Observing Justice
  8. Abiding  by the laws of the land
  9. Mercy
  10. Piety
  11. Forgiveness
  12. Remembrance of one's evident death
  13. Modesty
  14. Charity
  15. Sanitation and Hygiene
  16. Nutrition
  17. Moderate Non-Vegetarianism, but only Halaal or Kosher
  18. Fitness and Exercise
  19. Grooming
  20. Prophylaxis and Medication
  21. Rest and Sleep
  22. Marriage, both permanent and temporary
  23. Romance & Sexual intercourse, but only legal
  24. Having children through Marriage
  25. Circumcision
  26. Upbringing Children
  27. Contraception & Family Planning
  28. Guardianship of Orphans
  29. Care for parents, grand-parents etc
  30. Maintaining ties with relatives
  31. Respecting elders and aged ones
  32. Respecting priests of all religions
  33. Care for neighbors, relatives, friends and people
  34. Honoring and entertaining guests via Halaal mode
  35. Taking unsolicited part in others’ sorrows
  36. Maintaining secrecy about others’ short-comings
  37. Advising others, but with good intention
  38. Prohibiting others from evils and crimes, but in the best possible manner
  39. Accepting and taking part in other's legal celebrations etc when invited
  40. Modest Celebrations & Parties
  41. Giving modest gifts with good and legal intentions at legal celebrations
  42. Festivals, where Islamic fundamentals are not compromised
  43. Hobby, legal types
  44. Friendship, legal format
  45. Business and Earnings, legal activities
  46. Tourism, without any Haraam activities
  47. Sports, without any gambling
  48. Keeping valid pets and caring 
  49. Tree Plantation, promotion of forestation and protection of animals
  50. Divorce, when no other option is available

O Allah! Salutations be upon Prophet Mohammed and upon Family of Prophet Mohammed.

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