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Shia view on status of Umm Khadija tul Kubra

Topic 25:

Khajida tul Kubra was Prophet Mohammed’s first wife. She was richest entrepreneur of her time; she was referred to as ‘Malikatul Arab’ the Queen of Arabia. She used to send business caravans to distant places to do business, in this business she used to hire agents who worked for her as managers.

Prophet Mohammed in his prime youth became an agent (manager) for her caravan, she also sent an assistant to assist Prophet Mohammed in the journey and business. The caravan returned from Syria with manifold profit, the business reports were crystal clear. She inquired about Prophet Mohammed nature and behavior from the assistant she had sent, she received heart touching reports about the conduct of Prophet Mohammed.

Her cousin brother Waraqa son of Naufil advised her to get married soon since she was in prime age of marriage. Shia literature states she was 28 years old. She had never married before. She rejected several proposals. Later she sent marriage proposal to Prophet Mohammed which he accepted; their marriage was solemnized by Prophet Mohammed’s guardian uncle Abu Talib, who read the marriage sermon and exchanged vows as jurist.

Sunni states that she was a two time widow and was forty years old lady. Sunni literature get the birth year of Prophet Mohammed as ‘the year of elephant’ from the famous book ‘Tabaqaat Ibn Sa’ad’, ironically the same book also states Kadija tul Kubra was born three years before ‘the year of elephant’, which proves that she was just three years older to Prophet Mohammed. Shia also state that Khadija tul Kubra was three years older to Prophet Mohammed. When they married Prophet Mohammed was 25 years old while Khadija was 28 years old. Shia deny Sunni claims that she was two time widowed.

She had three sons and one daughter with Prophet Mohammed; sons were Qasim, Tayyeb, Tahir all three sons died in infancy. Their only daughter was Fatima Zahra. Sunni state that she had three other daughters as well. Shia literature states that Khadija’s sister Halaa had died leaving three daughters as orphans, Khadija took them under her care and when she married Prophet Mohammed they came to live with them, their names are Zainab, Ruqaiyya and Kulsum. They began to be called as daughters of Prophet Mohammed just like Zaid son of Harith (Khadija’s slave boy) who they have adopted began to be called as Zaid son of Mohammed.

When Prophet Mohammed declared his prophet-hood, Khadija was the first person to confirm his prophet-hood. She became the first Muslim. Sunni claim that Prophet Mohammed trembled with fear and asked Khadija to cover him in blanket, later Khadija called Waraqa who informed Prophet Mohammed that he was now a prophet and the angel who came to him was Archangel Gabriel (Jibril), Shia deny all such claims. Shia state that Prophet Mohammed was rather eagerly waiting for Archangel Gabriel and he never feared or trembled, nor did Waraqa inform him about his status, he knew his status.

As converts began to enter Islam, who were down trodden and poor, Khadija spent her riches upon their uplifting, and their conditions improved. She always played the role of a true mother for Muslims. All her wealth was spent on improvement of conditions of Muslims. Prophet Mohammed is reported to have said that once God sent Archangel Gabriel to him and asked him to inform Khadija that God had sent His salutations upon her.

So long as she remained alive Prophet Mohammed never married another lady, they spent 28 years together. She also spent the worst three years of social boycott with Prophet Mohammed which Makkan had imposed upon clan of Prophet Mohammed. When she died Prophet Mohammed cried bitterly, in the same year Prophet Mohammed also lost his guardian uncle Abu Talib, Prophet Mohammed in grief stated the whole year as ‘year of sorrow’, it was only after their death that Prophet Mohammed migrated to Madina.

Later, Prophet Mohammed when he married other ladies; he frequently informed them about Khadija, he frequently said that when all called him liar, Khadija alone confirmed him as truthful and when no one helped with a penny Khadija gave all her wealth, he said he loved Khadija like none other. She was buried in famous graveyard of Makka ‘Jannatul Mo’alla’, her tomb was desecrated by Saudi regime in 1925 AD, and all that remain is her grave. She passed away on 10th Ramadan 1 BH. Photos of her tomb before 1925’s Saudi desecration and present remaining graves are to be noted.

Oh Allah! Peace and Salutation be upon Mohammed and House-hold of Mohammed.

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