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Persecution on, Migration and Battles of Muslims

Main topic: Karbala, brief overview

Hashmite were followers of Abraham's faith, all ancestors of Prophet Mohammed were on Islam and practised Abraham's way. Prophet Mohammed declared Islam at age of 40 years. His family members were first to accept the prophet hood of Prophet Mohammed.

He later began to preach Islam to close friends, slowly Islam began to grow in idolatrous neighbour hood. Makkan polytheists Ommayyads in particular begin to sense danger which Islam posed to their polytheism and idolatry.

Those new Muslims who were slaves or poor faced the worse form of assaults either from their masters or prominent polytheists. Ommayyads like Abu Sufyan (Yazid's grandfather) son of Harb, Utba (Yazid's great grandfather) son of Abd Shams, Walid son of Utba, Hinda (Yazid's grandmother), Khalid son of Walid, Mauwiya (Yazid's father), Amr son of Aa's initiated persecution on such Muslims they found powerless. Other polytheists also joined them among them are another Ommayya son of Khalaf, Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab etc.

Bilal son of Ribah, who was slave of another Ommayya became symbol of torture, he had accepted Islam. His master ordered him to reject Islam, Bilal didn't. He was whipped, and dragged on streets, large stone was placed on his chest and made to lie in open desert sun all day. Bilal bore all this torture but stayed firm on Islam. He was later freed from Ommayya's slavery through purchase. He joint the camp of Prophet.

Khabbab son of Arit was another slave who was similarly tortured. He was tied and was put on burning pieces of coal, and asked to reject Islam, he too stayed firm on Islam, he too was freed later through purchase. Many other slave Muslims went through such trauma but were later freed through purchase. Many were martyred facing the trauma.

Ammar son of Yasir, along with his father Yasir and mother Sommaiyya had accepted Islam. They were severely tortured, Abu Jahal was prominent in their torture. Both Yasir and Sommaiyya were martyred during torture. Their hands and legs were tied to back of two camels which were made to run in different direction, their bodies were torn in pieces. They both (Yasir and Somaiyya) became key Islamic martyrs.

Prophet on such occasion advised such muslims to leave Makka and settle in Ethiopia. When such muslims settled down there. Abu Sufyan sent envoy under leadership of Amr (Ommayyad) son of Aa's to Ethiopian Emperor and asked him to arrest Muslims and send them back as culprits.

Ethiopian Emperor Negus was Christian, he sensed the gravity of matter and decided to hear both sides. Prophet's cousin Ja'far (Hashmite) son of Abu Talib headed the Muslim side. 

Ja'far clarified Islamic tenets: rejection of polytheism, idolatry and views on Jesus Christ as Prophet of Islam, Mary's immaculate personality etc. Negus rejected the appeal of Abu Sufyan's envoy and allowed Muslims a protected state in Ethiopia.

Muslims in Makka were too persecuted on daily basis. Prophet Mohammed too faced persecution, garbage was thrown at him, animal guts was thrown at him, stones were pelted on him. Thorns were placed on his route, burning bushes were thrown on him. As time passed deadly attacks with spears and stones began to be made. 

Prophet went to Taif, there too he was stoned, along with Zaid (his adopted son) both bled severely. In this environment Madinites called Prophet to settle in Madina, administer their situation and remove the chaos they were going through.

Prophet ordered migration to Madina. All Muslims left Makka for Madina. Prophet Mohammed, Abu Bakr his companion and his cousin brother Ali were only remaining Muslims in Makka.

Abu Sufyan along with Utba, Ommayya, Abu Jahl plotted to kill Prophet on particular night, vigil was kept on his house. Prophet asked Ali to lay on his bed to diguise Makkans. Prophet made arrangement for journey took Abu Bakr with him and left Makka.

Next they when Makkan found Ali in place of Prophet, became mad in anger. Abu Sufyan at once declared a bounty of 100 camels on Prophet alive or his head in case of dead.

Abu Sufyan also sent a party to search them in desert and kill Prophet on site they see him. Search party came at entrance of cave in which Prophet was taking rest, but pigeons came made nest and laid eggs, spiders made web at entrance, giving a glimpse that it was inhabited. Finally, Prophet Mohammed reached Madina.

Abu Sufyan and other Ommayyads began to loot all that was remaining property of Hashimites in Makka. Later they waged war on Prophet, Battle of Badr was fought. Ommayyads lost their warlords. They swore to avenge and had another battle at Ohad. 

In this battle Uthman's (Ommayyad) who was a Muslim now was asked to stay vigilant from back attack, but he left the site to loot bounty when initially Muslims won and Makkan attacked from back under the command of Khalid son of Walid. Prophet was fatally wounded, Muslims were slain and mutilated. Hamza uncle of Prophet was cannibalized by wife of Abu Sufyan.

Ommayad once again came for battle but trench dug by Prophet prevented them from attack. They always made secret pacts with few Jew clans who were at enmity with Muslims. Return to main topic: Karbala, brief overview

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