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Prophets, Imams, Infallibility and Shia view

There is consensus among Muslims that God sent 124000 prophets to different places and civilisations. There were times when there were more than one prophet and there were times when there were no prophets, but at least one Imam (Divinely appointed leader) was always present on earth and would always remain present on earth till Resurrection.

Prophets and messengers are given God's canon and they are also administrator and executioner of that canon. This administration and execution of canon law is called 'Imamat' or Divinely appointed leadership. Thus, prophets and messengers were Imams as well.

But, there were times when there were no prophets nor messengers in such a time there was always one man who was Imam who was Divinely appointed to administer and execute the canon which was given by God to the lastest prophet or messenger.

Prophets, Messengers and Imams are infallible and immaculate, this is necessity of religion rather than a prestige, because God's message must always be present in pure form. Thus Prophets, Messengers and Imams (plural: Aimmah) are free from errors and commits no crime or sin.

People had changed books of God but His message always remained safe, this is through the agency of Imam. Imams preserves the true message of God.

Adam the first man was a prophet, after him numerous prophets, messengers came and God's canon went on towards perfection. Prophet Mohammed came as the Last Prophet, Last Messenger of God on earth. With Prophet Mohammed God's canon came in it's perfect form. No prophet, messenger would ever come after him.

God's canon in form of Qur'an is final, perfect canon and would remain so up to Resurrection, thus it is open for interpretation as per need of time. Only Shia Muslims consider Qur'an open for interpretation as per need of time, others have on their own authority forbidden any further interpretation.

This interpretation as per believed by Shia is to be done by Imam. Prophet Mohammed had professed that after him there would be exactly 12 Imams up to the day of Resurrection  they would interpret God's canon. 

After Prophet Mohammed passed away, Ali his cousin brother as well as his son in law as ordered by God (Message of Ghadeer) became 1st Imam, who was succeeded by his eldest son and then younger son and through his younger son, father son father son continued up to 12th Imam, who is Mohammed Mahdi, he is interpreter of Qur'an till the day of Resurrection.

Resurrection's date and time are in knowledge of God, it may take any timespan. Prophet Mohammed had professed that only 12 Imams would be there between him and Resurrection. The only solution is en lengthened life of at least one Imam.

An average person lives for average 60/70 years, so is also the case with Imams. Imams never began their Imamat from birth since preceding Imam was alive. So multiplication of 60/70 by 12 is not appropriate. Say an imam was to begin his office from age of 30 then they would have 30 years of Imamat, 12 Imam would make 360 years, but its already 1424 years ( from 632 AD to 2012), 12 Imam's combined lifespan was  never the solution, moreover Resurrection many take may more years, and Prophet Mohammed has professed only 12, and no gap must be there. 

Thus, answer to all such issues was en lengthening normal lifespan of at least one Imam. Exactly, the same thing happened, when 11th Imam Hasan Askari was martyred his son Imam Mohammed Mahdi the 12th Imam transformed from physical state into state of Occultation on Divine orders and continued to live through all these centuries, would live up to Resurrection and re-appear on Divine orders before resurrection on Divine orders.

There is no reason to assume all these things absurd. Qur'an, Bible and other books have talked about lengthy lifespans, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Melchizedek, Ezekiel (Khizr), Elijah's  lifespans are good examples. All Muslims believe Jesus Christ never died, and is living since 2042 years and would continue to live up to resurrection. So, also Imam Mohammed Mahdi is alive, hidden and active on Divine orders.

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